Engineering specialists make up the majority of the company's workforce. Our employees are our greatest strength and most important asset. Some of our senior staff members have extensive expertise in the utility business. 500kV transmission system, which is used in central industrial units and the petroleum refineries. Our engineers are highly qualified and licensed in the organizations listed below :

  • BEM (Board of Engineers, Malaysia)
  • EC (Energy Commission of Malaysia)
  • IEM (Institute of Engineers, Malaysia)
  • ICEM (Institute of Certified Engineers, Malaysia)
  • MEPA (Malaysian Energy Professional Associations)
  • IEEE (The Institute of Electrical Engineers, UK)
  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, US)
  • IMechE (The Institute of Mechanical Engineers, UK)
  • MIM (Malaysian Institute of Management)
  • AIA (Association of International Accountants UK)

“We Provide Electrical Installations, Upgrades, Maintenance”

Ecomms has extensive experience in both the commercial and residential fields.
Our Services

We have individuals with specialized experience in commercial and financial modelling and technical employees. To examine the choices and offer cost-effective outcomes, we assemble a team with the proper balance of experience, expertise, and creativity for each job.

Our management team is actively involved in leading each project and assuring customer satisfaction. Our team is mainly made up of power specialists that are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of power plant engineering, project management, and industry strategy. Behind the scenes, we have a strong support team whose expertise in their respective fields directly supports our high-quality customer service. Our project teams can help customers on the cutting edge of efficiency thanks to a vast network of resources and tools.

E Comms


Peninsular Malaysia Transmission Development Project 1991 (JMK 25163)

This contract covers a complete turnkey execution works at locations: –

  • 275/132kV Switching station at Bedong.
  • 275/132kV Substation at Bukit Tambun.
  • 132/33/11kV Substation at Prai Industrial Estate, Juru.
  • 132/22/11kV Substation at Slim River.

Pergau Hydroelectric Project

This is a hydroelectric power station project located at Jeli, Kelantan. The scope of work covers the supply, design, and engineering of the protection relay and disturbance recorder panels to the main contractor – Gec Alstom (Electrical Contractor). This outdoor GIS substation consists of:-

  • Four 275kV overhead line feeders.
  • Four 275kV underground generators feeders.
  • Four 275/33/11kV three winding transformer bays.
  • One 275kV bus coupler and bus section bays.
  • Four 275kV generators transformer feeders.

500kv Transmission Development System Project For Transmission And Substations Equipment Phase 1 & 1a

This Project Covers A Complete Turnkey Execution Works At Following Locations: –

  • 275kV Switching station at Gurun, Junjong, Yong Peng
  • 500/275kV substations at Kapar and Bukit Tarek.
  • 275kV Extension 2 nos feeder bays at port Klang and Pasir Gudang power stations.
  • 500kV Transmission tower energized at 275kV from Gurun to Bukit Tarek with a distance 323 Km.
  • 500kV Transmission tower energized at 500kV from Bukit Tarek to Kapar with a distance 51 Km
  • 275kV Transmission tower energized at 275kV from Kapar to Port Klang power station with a distance of 5 Km.
  • 500kV Transmission tower energized at 275kV from Yong Peng to Pasir Gudang with a distance 139 Km.
  • Complete PDH telecommunication transmission network equipment covering from Gurun right down to Port Klang power station and continue further down to Pasir Gudang power station.

275kV Salak South GIS Substation and 275kV (1000 MVA) Transmission Line / Cable Pantai to Salak South Substation

This project has been awarded to Consortium Partner (KHIM) by Malaysian Utility TNB. Technical specification documents are being compiled for from various Sub-contractors and to finalise total scope of work. Brief scope of work involves implementation of 275kV Hybrid System Transmission line-Underground cable (oil-filled) between Salak South and Pantai Substations capable of transmitting 1000 MVA power on each circuit. Both stations, 275kV GIS Switching Station at Salak South and 275kV GIS Extension Bays at Pantai Substation incorporates installation of Primary equipment together with necessary remote and local control relay modification and Telecommunication equipment.

The current scope of work covers a complete turnkey execution works at locations:-

  • 275kV GIS Substation at Salak South.
  • 275kV GIS Extension 2 nos feeder bays facing Salak South Substation at Pantai Substation.
  • 275kV Hybrid Transmission line Underground energised at 275kV from Pantai to Salak South Substation with a distance of 20 Km
  • 275kV Transmission line Loop-in and Loop-out between Serdang and Pudu Ulu Substation
  • Remote Relay modification works at Pantai, Serdang and Pudu Ulu Substations
  • SDH Telecommunication Network system.


  • 132kV Genting highlands substation – maintenance and calibration of relays
  • 275kV Teluk Panglima substation – design of primary switchyard for IPP
  • Enhance digital transmission network throughout Peninsular Malaysia – the installation of OPGW for existing ‘live’ 132kV transmission lines.
  • Electrified double-track Rawang to Ipoh – permit to work for line crossings.
  • Smart tunnel & KL flood mitigation transmission line crossing.
  • SDH up to STM 4 Sabah east-west interconnection transmission line optical fiber connections.
  • Gelang Patah to Skudai transmission lines Sabah east-west interconnection grid involving Kolopis, Penampang, Dam road and Segaliud Substations.
  • Dam road & Segaliud substations with ± 60MVAr 132/11kV static VaR compensator.
  • Monthly electrical inspection, including gen-set with associated AMF board for high rise buildings,TNB transmission lines, substations, oil & gas industries, banking, hypermarkets and manufacturing industries – Astro, Maybank, ExxonMobil, Carrefour, rubber glove factory, marble factory, semiconductor, etc.

Energycomms Engineering SDN BHD was incorporated as private limited company in the year 2006. The company is registered with Malaysian registrar of companies (ROC). The ROC registration number is 200601028673/(748429-W).


No. 78, Jalan 14/29,
46100 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

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